about me

Why hello there!
I'm Kim - a senior at Kent State University studying video production and marketing.
I live in a small town in Northeast Ohio... and although everybody rags on Cleveland, the longer I'm here, the more I love it and the more value I see in it. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Jeff, who I started dating in 2006 as a sophomore in high school... he's fantastic.  Jeff loves music, plays bass in a band called Humble Home as well as Apres Vous, loves video games and nature, and is also studying video production at Kent.
Aside from video stuff at school, I keep up with music... I started playing drums when I was 11, and just started playing the ukulele this January.  I'd like to think that I can sing, but I'm not very good.  (at least I have fun pretending!) Some of my favorite bands include MewithoutYou, Colour Revolt, Brand New, The National, Fleet Foxes, Glassjaw, Andrew Bird, and Modest Mouse.
I absolutely love crafts! Love working with lace, burlap, leather and feathers...  I make & sell jewelry, but I mostly just do little things here and there. The majority of my crafts are inspired by nature. I love to knit and crochet - one of my best friends, Nina, started a group in 2010 called BYOY (bring your own yarn) that meets once a month to knit scarves/hats/mittens for the homeless of Cleveland, and at the end of the year, we had a big event to give them all away. 
I don't really know how I became interested in fashion - sometime around my freshman/sophomore years in high school, I just decided to stop wearing black band t-shirts, chucks, thick eyeliner and a bandanna in my back pocket (probably when I realized I looked like a confused dude!) From there, I guess I just gradually started trying out different styles, and eventually I found stuff that was actually flattering to my body-type.  Overall, I'm all about vintage styles and items inspired by nature. If I had to give my style a name, it'd probably be "Leather & Lace" (I tried naming my blog Leather&Lace, but it was taken!) ... with a hefty helping of floral prints as well. The majority of my closet is tan/peach/mauve and almost all my shoes are brown leather boots/sandals/oxfords. I love high-waisted shorts and skirts, in addition to dresses with a cinch at the midriff... and I pretty much wear a cardigan with every outfit.
I'm not a huge movie buff, which is odd considering my field of study - I mostly like comedies and documentaries.  My favorite movie of all time is Hot Rod... and I love pretty much anything involving The Lonely Island.  I was raised as a child of  Back To The Future and Ghostbusters, but I also love newer movies like (500) Days of Summer, It Might Get Loud, and I Love You, Man.  I don't watch a lot of TV either, but I do love The Office, Arrested Development, Spongebob, and Seinfeld.
I was raised in a Catholic home, but I never really understood how and why religion was applicable to my life.  I thought it was something you spent an hour on Sunday doing, and that was it.  In 8th grade, I became very close with a friend who lived his life for Jesus, and I began to understand what it meant to actually love Jesus.  One night at home in 2004, it all clicked in my head, and God gave me the faith to give my life to Him. I'm learning that living in light of Jesus is a daily struggle, a lifestyle, and a deliberate choice.  My bible-study girls help keep me accountable and having a Christian community of friends has completely changed my life.  We weren't meant to walk alone... we are meant to walk in humility with brothers & sisters and with Jesus.