polyvore, lulu guinness

so I recently discovered a site called Polyvore - it has a ton of clothing, shoes, accessories, decorations... everything. and it also has places to create collage-type images of all the items you like.  that's what those two pictures above are - i pulled a bunch of items that i loved... super addicting.  almost as addicting as roller-coaster tycoon (which, as it turns out, i have a hankerin' to play... so that's what i'm going to do in a few minutes!)
Polyvore isn't just a place to make designs - you can find amazing things and buy them too... LIKE THIS UMBRELLA.

(my new favorite thing, ever.) i had to call a few warehouses in London and NYC to track it down because it was sold out on so many sites... but i eventually got it (for a whopping $60, ugh, but WORTH IT!) this particular umbrella is sold out, but you can check out this designer's other umbrellas at LuLu Guinness!



  1. Gosh I adore your choices! I love brown shades!


  2. thanks, jo! i just about went crazy when i found all that good stuff on polyvore :)
    i just started blogging this week, so i've been trying to get my site out there - do you mind me asking where you came across it?
    <3 kim


hey! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to look at my blog <3