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    Last weekend was Kent State's Student Media Banquet - I ended up getting all dressed up like it was prom, which was definitely a lot of fun.  Getting dressed up for prom is one thing I miss about high school... not a lot of occasions for such dressy attire (until people start getting married... woohoo!)
   I snagged this gorgeous lavender dress for only $38 at Figleaf (www.figleafshop.com) in downtown Kent, and decided I'd go all out with gladiator sandals and a braided leather belt... I originally wanted to do a crown braid, but after my hair-stylist at the salon couldn't do it, I ended up with a half curly, half braided hairstyle.  This is what I originally had in mind: 
Does anyone have any ideas on how to successfully create a crown braid?
My lovely friend Nina shared this link with me... pretty similar - much easier to do, it seems. Have a look:
Refinery29: The Perfect Summer Braid We Can't Wait to Try

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