Mint Strawberry Meringue Pie

I put up a little poll on the side of my blog - (what would you like to see more of?) - so far, FOOD is in the lead, tied with fashion! So... i will satisfy your hungry hearts (and tummies!) with this little ditty I whipped up a few weeks ago!

Mint Strawberry Meringue Pie (RECIPE HERE)

Here's a picture of my finished pie:

This was my first time making meringue ... and it was quite a rough experience. I started the pie the night before, and messed up... and before starting over, I read some tips on how to make meringue, and found out that it won't keep well overnight! So, I started over on Easter Sunday morning.
I didn't realize how fussy meringue is to make - you start with egg whites, and add ingredients while mixing with an electric mixer. BUT BEWARE! If you have the slightest bit of yolk in your egg whites, they wont whip up properly! (This is the mistake I made...) So, carefully separate your yolks and whites... and then whip up the meringue until it's the consistency of Cool Whip!
The recipe calls for lemon curd - I think you can buy this in jars, but I'm not sure where ... so I just looked up a recipe to make lemon curd, and it's simple and quick: Lemon Curd Recipe

As I was looking for other recipes, I stumbled across this one that looks AMAZING:
Lemon Pound Cake with Mint, Berries, and Cream
Unfortunately, I felt like this recipe was one better suited for pre-prepared plates. I needed to make something to set up on the counter that people could grab a slice and go, and not be too messy... this recipe didn't fit the bill. BUT it looks sooo delicious and I plan on making it for another occasion! (as soon as i can think of an occasion...)

<3 kim


  1. oh my, that looks SO good! i've never made meringue either, at least you know how to do it better next time (:


  2. oh my gosh!!!!! this looks amazing! i need to try this now!!!!! :)


  3. it's too bad it didn't work out how you wanted, but it sure looks and sounds delicious!

  4. omg dear, it looks so delicious! you need to open a bakery or something like that. thanks for sharing the recipe, would like to try it too. love your blog <3

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  5. The information given by you is really very helpful.


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