thrift mania in cleveland!

today, two of my lovely ladyfriends (olivia, nina) and i went on a thrifting excursion in Cleveland, checking out Chelsea's Costumes and Vintage Clothing and The Cleveland Shop!
of course, we had to get dressed up just to go... check out these ladies' street style:
This was my first time going to these two thrift stores... I walked into Chelsea's and I could nooooot handle it - clothes from floor to ceiling in a huge huge place... so overwhelming!!

after Chelsea's, we bopped over to the Cleveland Shop... they had some wonderful hats as well!

All in all... quite the thrift trip. Wish i had more time to dig through all those clothes!

<3 kim


  1. Oh goodness! It looks like thrifting heaven! I've never been to an op shop which had a ladder! Wow! So glad I stumbled across your blog!


  2. I never know where to start when op shops are that big! Overwhelming indeed haha. Hope you got some good finds! xx

  3. Your skirts look great. I guess you had a good time!!


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