Sweet Green Tea Scalloped Shorts

well, these are perhaps THE cutest shorts i've ever seen. 
"Sweet Green Tea Scalloped Shorts"  at Ruche

I'm 99% positive I can't pass these up... i'll be sure to post pics if and when i buy them :)

Also - heading out tomorrow morning to go to a vintage thrift store called Chelsea's - somewhere around the Cleveland area - my fashionable friends are taking me there... Nina described it as PILES AND PILES of VINTAGE DRESSES... i don't think i'm going to be able to handle it!! SO EXCITED! will definitely post pictures, outfits, etc. :)



  1. Seriously!! I LOVE those shorts so much!! xo

  2. SO pretty. the color, the cut, everything. You're making me want them too! no no no.

  3. I almost bought them just now, but I'm still a bit afraid of buying shorts off the internet... there's a 99.99% chance that they won't fit right :/ perhaps someday.

  4. Those shorts are incredible. Also, I'm jealous of the vintage shopping you're about to embark on. Good hunting!

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